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Computer Aided Design and Drafting Services (CAD)


MJM Engineering offers computer aided drafting and design services (CAD).

With our engineering background, experience (over 15 years) and proficiency in engineering design software, we can take your paper drawings and convert them into workable CAD drawings, create CAD drawings from your sketched concepts, and do just about anything else that requires CAD. Since we are a real engineering firm with engineers on staff, we know what is involved in an engineering design, and, perhaps, we can also help you in various aspects of engineering design such as heat transfer, fluid mechanics, heat exchanger, HVAC, etc.

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We are a U.S. based company and we produce our drawings here in the US, not India or China. We are accessible when you work, not during off-hours, and, most importantly, we keep all your information confidential and our work is “for hire”, so, your company owns every piece we produce.

We also offer:

One- and Two-Day Seminars and ShortCourses in Thermal Management of Electronic, and Telecommunication Systems PCM Cooled Telecom Shelters and Enclosures for Battery

State-of-the-Art Research and Development Contracts on any Thermal Management Problem

What We Do:

Concept to Reality: If you have an idea or a sketch you want to turn into a workable drawing? We can take your sketches and turn them into a useable mechanical or architectural drawing.

Paper to CAD Conversion: We will convert paper mechanical, electrical and architectural drawings into CAD format. Having your original documents converted to CAD enables you to store your files electronically, in a more organized and efficient manner, allowing for greater flexibility and increased productivity. This allows you to access, modify or integrate the information at any given time, saving you time and money.

Please contact us to find out how we can be of service to you. Email or call (630)-839-9489

MJM Engineering also can develop U.S. and foreign patent drawings and trademark illustrations. We produce the highest quality patent and trademark illustrations, using both drafting and graphic programs from popular software packages like AutoCAD LT ®, Photoshop® and Illustrator®. We create professional drawings from everything from prototypes to photographs to CAD files and rough sketches. We can help you in the preparation of patent drawings for mechanical and medical devices, electronic schematics, chemical diagrams, software and trademarks.

MJM Engineering Co. also provides expert witness assistance in product liability, patent and intellectual property in the field of mechanical and thermal engineering. Please see below for more details.Learn more, Click Here!
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All drawings are manually redrawn in AutoCAD LT ®, not scanned or vectorized, to produce 100% digital duplicates of the originals. They are drawn at full scale and dimensionally accurate to the original. We will use your standards for colors, text style, dimension style, border and title block.

You specify the format that you would like output, whether it be electronic (.dwg, .dwt. dxf) or a full set of printed drawings.


MJM Engineering Co. can help you design any cooling equipment for your engineering, electronics or telecom system

Outdoor Applications:

  • Solar Load Calculations
  • Custom and off-the shelf small enclosures
  • CATV/Wireless/PCS Base Stations and Enclosures
  • Battery Systems and Compartment
  • Large to Small Enclosure Cooling Using:
  • Air Conditioning, Heat Exchangers,
  • Phase Change Materials and/or fully passive systems (solar deflectors, etc.)
  • Pedestals, Terminals, etc

In addition we can design cooling strategies using:

  • State-of-the-Art Thermal Analysis CFD Computer Software
  • Selection of the CFD and other Thermal Management Software
  • Development and Arrangement of Experimental Programs
  • Heat Pipes Impingement Cooling Heat Exchanger Design
  • Phase Change Materials (PCM) PCM Heat Exchangers
  • Liquid Cooling Space Applications Radiative Cooling
  • Cryo/Cold Electronics Cryocoolers Cryogenic Research
  • Thermoelectric System Design and Development
  • Microchannel and Conventional Heat Sink Design and


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