Legal/Expert Witness Services

Legal Expert/Expert Witness/Prior Art Research
MJM Engineering Co.provides expert witness assistance in product liability, patent and intellectual property in the field of mechanical and thermal engineering to include:
Thermal Management of Electronics and Electrical Systems,
Fluid Mechanics, CFD, Heat Transfer, among others.

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Phase Change Material (PCM) Product Development

PCM THERMAL SOLUTIONS provides product development services that include the design, development, prototype fabrication, testing, and evaluation of products that contain PCMs (all types of PCM’s available in the market) for both industrial and consumer market for all types of applications. We can also help you in finding manufacturers which will then make your product in large quantities.

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PCM Products

PCM Thermal Solutions sells and designs** with PCM, for all types of applications. The following table shows general information about the PCM available for purchase: **For the purchasing of PCMs, PCM Thermal Solutions must Design and Develop the PCM Container and/or the Thermal Management Systems at an additional cost. Please contact us for details

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Thermal Testing Services

MJM Engineering Co/PCM Thermal Solutions now provide testing services for thermal management equipment, new and existing thermal management products in the following industries:
Electronics/Telecommunications, Boards/Cards, natural and forced convection, Heat Sinks, natural and forced convection, Heat Exchanger and thermal performance

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