Thermal Management Feasibility Studies


If you have a thermal management project or idea but are not sure you want to commit a lot of time, money and resources, we can perform a limited feasibility study (based on the project) in which we will assess various cooling methodologies, develop proof of concepts, and provide a foundation for future work for your particular application, idea or project. We will perform it in 2-3 weeks, and will provide a brief summary report, too. You may pay using purchase orders or a major credit card.

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MJM Engineering Company is a full service engineering firm specialized in the cooling of electronics and telecommunication components and systems. Please contact us via phone or email for all your consulting needs

LED Thermal Management

Consulting Service. Let MJM Engineering help you with all your LED cooling needs from the component level to the system level such as signage and large indoor/outdoor still and live displays. Please contact us via phone or email for all your LED cooling needs.

Electronic/Telecom Applications

We specialize in thermal management consulting and R&D services for the electronics /telecommunications industry. Established in 1995, we guarantee you personalized service, attention to detail, and the shortest turnaround time, world-wide.

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We can simulate (or later design), using our CFD software package, the thermal behaviorof of most systems at steady state or transient conditions (with variable ambient conditions.) This will allow you and your customers to predict approximately the behavior of most system and therefore reducing the need and expense of experimentation.

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Thermal Management of Mobile, Portable, Wearable Devices such computing/music mobile devices, health monitors-regulators, etc. MJM Engineering Co. designs and develops thermal management systems for these devices in applications such electronics, computing, telecom, biomedical. Cooling approaches may include heat pipes, high conductivity materials, heat sinks, or phase change materials of all kinds such as hydrated salts, n'Alkanes, and other PCMs, using state of the art tools such CFD computer simulations and other computer based techniques.

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We also specialize in Telecommunications INDOOR/OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS:

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Other Services:

Outdoor/Indoor Enclosure Thermal Management Design Services,

Single Phase Liquid Cooling Design Services,

Two-Phase Cooling Design Services,

Heat Pipe Cooling Assemblies/Heat Sinks,

LED thermal management,

PCM Thermal Management

Cooling Assemblies,

Thermal Simulations using State-of-the-Art CFD software,

Legal/Patent Expert Services,

General Heat Transfer/Fluid Mechanics Consulting


Legal/Expert Services by MJM Engineering Co.

MJM Engineering Co.provides expert witness assistance in product liability, patent and intellectual property in the field of mechanical and thermal engineering. Please see below for more details. Please contact us via phone or email for all your consulting need.

MJM Engineering can assist you with the following services/projects:

Prior Art Research
Expert Testimony
Case Engineering Opinions
Design and Engineering Consultation
Patent Engineering Background Work
Technical Research and Consulting
Case Engineering Opinions
Comprehensive Written Reports
Review and assistance with Depositions


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