Thermal Management Consulting of Electronics

MJM Engineering Company is a full service engineering firm specialized in the cooling of electronics and telecommunication components and systems.

NEW FEASIBILITY STUDIES: If you have a thermal management project or idea but are not sure you want to commit a lot of time, money and resources, we can perform a limited feasibility study for $1,000-$3,000 (based on the project) in which we will assess various cooling methodologies, develop proof of concepts, and provide a foundation for future work for your particular application, idea or project. We will perform it in 2-3 weeks, and will provide a brief summary report, too. You may pay using purchase orders or a major credit card. Please email or call at 630-839-9489, (CLICK HERE for DETAILS!)

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Indoor/Outdoor Telecom Enclosure/Shelter Thermal Management

We specialize in thermal management consulting and R&D services for enclosures and shelters that either placed outside or inside. We design thermal management systems (cooling and heating) to include:

Solar Load Calculation

Passive, Semi-Active, and Active Cooling/Heating

Metal, Plastic or Mortar Wall Construction

Solar Powered Cooling/Heating

Phase Change Material Cooled

Double-walled and Solar Shield Design

Send for our Encloure Brochure with Samples of Past Work on Enclosure Thermal Managemen

We conduct Analysis, Modeling and Troubleshooting, Design and Development of Thermal Management Systems (also, testing and evaluation) following industry standards.

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New Services:Outdoor/Indoor Enclosure Thermal Management Design Services, Single Phase Liquid Cooling Design Services, Two-Phase Cooling Design Services


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What We Offer:

Thermal Management of ELECTRONICS and TELECOMMUNICATION systems and components
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Legal/Expert Services
Expert Witness Services in Thermal Engineering for Product Liability,Patents and Intellectual Property
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CFD Software [Phoenics], Ready-made and custom enclosures, cooling equipment such as air conditioners, heat exchangers, PCM cooling devices, thermal storage equipment using PCM’s
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Computer Consulting
Design, deployment, and maintenance of CFD, FEA, and Expert systems.
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Short Courses and Seminars

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Our services & solutions:

MJM engineering is a full service engineering consulting and research and development company. We also can help you with your legal/expert witness projects. Please click below for more information.

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