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Telecommunications Systems


About this Course

MJM Engineering is sponsoring a one-day short-course that aims to provide an understanding of the issues involved in the thermal management of electronic and telecommunication systems. The course covers the principles and the tools available to the design engineer.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed to help engineers and technicians with some thermal background (but new to the electronics, telecommunications field) understand the thermal challenges and demands of the electronics fields. Experienced engineers will also find the course very instructive and useful.

What You Will Learn

You will have a good understanding of the heat transfer and fluid mechanics principles affecting proper thermal management of electric, electronic, and telecommunications systems and components. You will also develop techniques that will be effective in the dissipation of heat generated in these systems. Attendants will develop skills in the proper evaluation and selection of design tools such as CFD software, and of thermal dissipating equipment such as heat sinks, heat pipes, PCMs, heat exchangers.

Course Highlights.

Thermal Management of Electronic/Telecommunications Systems and Components

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Fundamentals and Theory: Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, and Thermal Systems.
  • Thermal Characterization of Components: Thermal Resistance Concept, Junction Temperatures, Cooling, Heating Loads, etc.
  • Designing using Numerical Simulation, Background, Review and Evaluation of Commercial CFD Software Packages/ Tools
  • Review and Evaluation of Thermal Management Equipment:-----Heat Sinks, Heat Pipes, Fans and Blowers, Thermoelectric, Interface Materials, Phase Change Materials, etc.
  • Thermal Management of Electronics using Liquid and Two-Phase Cooling, including Heat Pipes and Heat Pipe Cooling Assemblies
  • Overview of Thermal Management of Indoor and Outdoor Telecom Systems
  • Thermal Management of LED Systems and Components
  • Concluding Remarks

About the Instructor

Maurice J. Marongiu is the owner and founder of MJM Engineering Co. He received his BS, MS and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering from the U. of Illinois at Urbana. He has taught for over 10 years at U. of Illinois, Texas A&M Univ., and IIT. He has had over 20 years’ experience in the thermal management fields and has published over 45 papers and reports in conferences and publications.

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